Sales Circuits

The ARA Sales Department offers members the opportunity to buy and sell U. S. revenue material through sales books. All categories of United States revenue stamps are offered. This service allows members a prime opportunity to buy or sell inexpensive to higher priced revenues at low commissions.

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The sales circuit books resemble the APS books with sixteen bound pages. Five formats are available (1, 4, 6, 9 or 12 stamp spaces per page). Only items which can fit within the 4¾ x 7¼ inch borders of the standard size books will be accepted. Oversized, one space-per-page books (8½ x 11 inches) for large taxpaids, revenues on documents and the like are also available.

Books sell for 50¢ each, postpaid, regardless of format. Those submitting large material for circulation should request blank books and affix glassine envelopes to the pages to contain their material.

Members submitting books for circulation should use the categories shown on the circuit request form as a guide for the mounting of material. It is best not to combine categories within a book.

This service is a benefit of ARA membership, and is available only to members in good standing.

The 10% sales commission will cover the expense of this service. Each member with U.S. collecting interests is encouraged to participate. Sales circuits are an easy way to add to your collection and to dispose of duplicates and unwanted material.

Paul Weidhaas
Sales Circuit Manager
208 Van Ostrand Rd
Newfield, NY 14867-9204