Mission Statement

The ARA shall comprise a nonprofit corporation of persons whose interests include the collection or study of fiscal or revenue stamps and related materials.

The ARA shall endeavor to:

  1. stimulate, encourage, create, sponsor, advance and guide the study and collection of such material, both government and private issues, of the world, from an educational, informational and historical standpoint;
  2. to establish and support study and research groups devoted to the various aspects and interests of such fiscal issues of the world;
  3. to use its facilities to make available news and information concerning such material to all who may be interested, irrespective of affiliation with the ARA;
  4. to prepare, publish and distribute literature of a philatelic nature and periodicals dealing with such material;
  5. and to perform each and every act necessary, desirable or incident to carrying out said purposes.

The Association shall primarily serve the membership and shall speak for the membership in all public matters.

The Association shall not lend itself to schemes whose purpose is the exploitation of philatelists or the general public for the profit of individuals, nor shall it engage in any but legitimate, noteworthy enterprises.