U. S. Sales Circuit Notes

Posted 1/23/2024

If you have ever considered participating in the circuit program as a seller, now is a prime time. Stocks are low, so your material will circulate right away. Eager buyers await your tax paids, match and medicines, and revenues with printed cancellations; in fact, there is need for fresh material in every category of United States revenues.

Why not request a free blank sales booklet and give it a try. Additional sales books are only fifty cents each. Specify which format you prefer: 1, 4, 6, 9, or 12 spaces per page. Also, an 8 1/2” x 11” book for oversized material is available at the same price.

No less than 75 members have enjoyed making sales through the circuits, including one member who has submitted 150 sales booklets. Nice material attractively priced moves. I recently retired some sales booklets with these criteria which sold out on the first circuit.

I also encourage ARA members who haven’t bought via the circuits to consider doing so. An application form is found on the ARA website. You may just find that elusive revenue you’ve been looking for, or see something that may be just the thing to spark a new line of collecting. While I can’t promise that what you are looking for will appear in any given circuit, I can aver that just about every facet of U.S. revenues has crossed my desk at some point. See for yourself just what the circuit program has to offer.

What are the advantages of getting circuits? A mini stamp store arrives at your door. You get to actually see the stamps, front and back, rather than viewing blurry images on a computer screen. The stamps are in your hands for close inspection. Circuits may be retained for up to seven days, so you may review them at your leisure. Many circuits contain material not usually found elsewhere, and they offer you an alternative buying opportunity.

Feel free to contact me any time you have questions regarding the circuits. My address is listed in the masthead page of every issue of The American Revenuer. I am here to serve you.

Paul Weidhaas

U.S. Sales Circuit Manager