U.S. Sales Circuit

Posted 5/24/2020

If you are like me, you are spending your home-bound time with your revenue stamps.  While doing so, please consider using some of this time in supporting the ARA.  The ARA sales circuit program is in need of all types of U.S. revenue material.  Over a hundred fellow members await your duplicate or unwanted revenues.  Simply mount them in a sales book and send them to me, and I will do the rest.  You pocket the sales, less a modest 10% commission which goes to support the ARA's activities.

Sales books are fifty cents each, and come in various formats: 1,4, 6, 8,and 12 spaces per page.  There is also a large format book for oversize material, available at the same low cost.  I will even send you a complimentary sales book postpaid to get you started. This a fantastic way to help your association, productively use some of this new-found time on your hands, and even fatten your wallet.
Remember that most of your fellow revenuers are advanced collectors, so common material likely will not do well.  Unless, that is, it is submitted as a group lot, such as 50 different low denomination reds and greens.   You already have a pretty good idea of the market; price your stamps accordingly.  Attractive material attractively priced is bound to sell.  

Again, this program is designed for United States revenue-related material only, so please, no foreign revenues.  Otherwise, submit anything in Scott's R section, and any and all of the non-Scott stuff, like taxpaids, special tax stamps, and M&M facsimiles.  

Let your virus-imposed time be a benefit to you and the ARA.  Contact me at pkweidhaas@gmail.com if you have any questions.  I look forward to receiving your sales book orders soon!

Paul Weidhaas
ARA U.S. Sales Circuit Manager